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  the media advertises photoshopped images of models that often influences girls to believe that if they buy this product or clothing of theirs, they will achieve a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that is only achievable through this purchase. However, it has not been shown to give girls more satisfaction at all. By media brings pressure to teenage girls to have what society defines as the ideal body. As a teenager one wants to fit in with the most popular group. Recent movies like mean girls and 16 wishes have shown the role of the popular girl to be thin, beautiful, and smart. The news media takes a victim-blaming approach, attributing americas weight problems to poor choices and laziness. Headlines in the past few years have blamed people with obesity for rising fuel prices, global warming and causing weight gain in their friends.   research during middle childhood media and body image in girls demonstrating that media exposure influences body image during the elementary school years has proven problematic. Not a single study conducted in the last decade has found that viewing thin women on television or in magazines affects current levels of body dissatisfaction in 5- to. The media, including social media and blogs may be a catalyst for triggering body image issues such as body dysmorphic disorder (bdd) and eating disorders (phillips, 2005, p.).   a very important cause for cyberbullying is the anonymity possible on the internet. Gov, two kinds of people are likely to be cyberbullies -- the popular ones and those on the fringes of society the former resort to such activities to stay popular or to feel powerful, while the latter troll to fit into a society or to get back at a society that excludes them. One way in which social media undermines teen mental health is through social comparison. Teenagers on social media spend much of their time observing the lives and images of their peers. Across all negative attitudes, personal experience, stories seen in the media and stories read in the media are the strongest contributors. While influences including cultural background, educational attainment, colleagues and australias youth culture do have some impact, this influence is muted, with generally less than one third of.   social media sites allow todays youth the opportunity to connect with others in multiple platforms and venues. Because engaging in various forms of social media has become a routine activity for adolescents today, it is important to consider how this can potentially impact an adolescent susceptible to an eating disorder. With the increasing media coverage of television programming, such as mtvs hit reality television shows teen mom and 16 and pregnant, there appears to be an increased and wide-spread controversy over the benefits or detriments cast upon teenage audiences viewing this type of programming. The debate has grown in popularity, creating interesting viewpoints from religious.

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