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In the sims 4 games, woohoo option is only available for adult and elder sims, teen sims cant get woohoo and try for baby interaction. Now you can have a teen marriage, pregnancy, and have a romance with all ages. Pregnancy preferences and varied reactions for both partners, woohoo risk, protection, fertility surgeries woohoo transmissible diseases, paternity testing and drama, teen pregnancy reactions, cheating module, and more! Info post module 1 pregnancy preferences & interactions description of features revolving around pregnancy preferences. This video shows you how to enable teen woohoo and set up teen pregnancy. T o get the sims 4 mods teen pregnancy you are gonna need two things for this, one is mc command center and the other thing you must download is mc woohoo which is a part of mc command center.   with it, your teen sims can get pregnant, go through all the different phases and give birth to one, two or more beautiful babies. So, if you feel ready to spice the lives of your teens, then lets begin with explaining the mod! The teen pregnancy mod an overview. Here there are equal pregnancy options for teens and for adults! So, while.   sims 4 this mod adds a risky pregnancy to woohoo, adds pregnancy test to woohoo, pregnancy chances decrease or increase based on location or sims age, different try for baby chances along with decrease and increase percents.

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